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  • S/O to @aaronhart for being an awesome shadow today.
    And to @hmoore for keeping me honest and reminding me to do my readings.

  • katiekontra posted an update 4 months ago

    Thanks to the whole night crew and our newest member Laura! Nothing feels better than laughing all night on the job:) #lovenotes

  • It was great working with @katiekontra , @chelseabecker , @kevinbosworth , @kelvinlagarde , and @hmoore last night. A smooth, team-oriented close gearing up for those busy summer nights! #lovenotes

  • Mary Guido posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    S/O to everyone who made my last shift at Northstar so special! And to all the new friends that were made with the table sharing that went down in the Short North #lovenotes

  • S/O to @katiekontra and @kelvinlagarde for staying late when we were short staffed…I am not here til 1:30 because of you! To @jimmymackey for ALWAYS busting your butt and making this close just as good as any other. And to @nfoley for being a bundle of joy and an inspiration to work even harder. Thank you! #lovenotes

  • @corneliushubbard you will forever be the man who made it possible for me to witness my best friend give birth to her son! Words cannot tell you how thankful I am….you’re amazing and I am in your debt. #lovenotes (times a million)

  • Thank you to @hmoore for helping me out on host today. If you couldn’t tell, I needed it. I’m all geared up for a wild one tomorrow to celebrate Earth Day and @gregagla ’s last shift. Pretty bittersweet. #lovenotes

  • S/O to @corneliushubbard for being on point today while @bosworth and I were having some struggles. #lovenotes

  • S/O to all of the front of house today for putting up with me. I was on Cloud 9! (sadly they were out of pancakes for the day :p) @hmoore sorry I had you thinking that someone abducted me and had me locked in a trunk somewhere. @kyalenty sorry I had you thinking some creepy guy was calling you from strange cars. I got luv for ya boo! All in all I…[Read more]

  • S/O to @jimmymackey for helping with so many to go orders tonight! #lovenotes

  • S/O to @maryguido who also doesn’t know whether or not that guy was hitting on me. Glad you were there to share that experience with me.

  • S/O to @jimmymackey for being a hero and trading shifts with me. I owe you one! #lovenotes

  • S/O to @chelseabecker and @lshepard for being wonderful and entertaining! Tonight went very smoothly. #lovenotes

  • S/O to @kyalenty, @davidkaranja, and @hmoore for being such positive forces tonight…not to mention fast as lightning closing partners! #lovenotes

  • S/O to @kyalenty for being an awesome cash buddy as always and always anticipating what guests or my needs are going to be #lovenotes #gotit

  • S/O to @davidkaranja for feeling like poop with me but still rocking it out on the floor. #lovenotes

  • @maddiedavis , @maryguido , and everyone else that was in Northstar Café in the Short North tonight for the walk through are why I love working at this place. Don’t ever change you guys. #lovenotes #gotit

  • S/O to my beautiful and talented BUB, @annascott! Seriously could not have done another one without you, chica! To @musicordeaf for our lack of verbal communication…absolutely flawless. And to @ibonello and @axtell for your gentle call outs to make our ticket times that much better! #lovenotes #dreamteam

  • S/O to @maddiedavis and @musicordeaf for Bloody Mary Mix Mania! You guys are my heroes. #lovenotes #gotit

  • S/O to @corneliushubbard for the awesome shift swap suggestion….and for just being all around awesome! #lovenotes