May 30, 2015

Katie K's Dance Mindfulness Workshop
Balanced Yoga
4:00 pm - 5:15 pm

Join Short North team member and certified Dance Mindfulness instructor Katie Kontra as she leads a donation-based workshop meant to lead open-minded individuals through meditation, stretching, and free-movement dances.

The donation to attend will go toward the Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary.

All skill levels and ages are welcome at the workshop. It’s meant to be an expressive and open environment for everyone to come be healthy and bust stress. See the full spotlight on Katie, and feel free to leave any questions in a comment below.

May 30

June 1, 2015

Land Grant Brewery Tour & Tasting
Land Grant Brewery
1:00 pm - 2:45 pm

Very exciting news, team! Land Grant Brewery is leading Team Northstar on a tour of their facilities on Monday, June 1. We will see where the magic happens, meet some brewers, and taste the delicious end results.

Land Grant beers are a mainstay at Third & Hollywood and Northstar Easton, and pass through as features at Beechwold. It’s a relatively new brewery with a ton of spunk and high quality beers, located in a beautifully remodeled building.

Join your team mates on this adventure, which will last until at least 2-2:30pm, though you can depart whenever you need to. Any questions? Let us know!

Jun 01

June 3, 2015

Trailmix Meeting
Claire’s House
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Team Trailmix,

It’s time for our first meeting of the summer! And by meeting we mean cookout. And by cookout we mean reason to feverishly eat hot dogs with extra (organic) ketchup.

If you’re a Trailmix member we expect to see your smiling face at Claire & Scott’s house, located at the address below. Street parking is ample and their grill is large, so bring whatever you’d like to throw on the barby.

We’ll be discussing some fabulous upcoming events and breaking down areas of responsibility. Get ready to talk about a trip to Cedar Point, more brewery tours, a Northstar fun run and, at long last, Labor Day!

Please leave any questions here or ask Tony or Claire. We can’t wait to see you!

Jun 03

June 7, 2015

Pizzuti Collection Family Days
The Pizutti Collection
11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Visit the Pizzuti Collection for their Sunday Family Days this summer and get free access to acclaimed art work and kids activities. Every hour on the hour, children are invited to a guided tour and art-inspired scavenger hunt. Each child will be given a sketchbook to create their own masterpieces. There’s lots to see and do

The gallery is located just off Goodale Park and is surrounded by a sculpture garden, so there’s lots to see and do in all types of weather.

Learn more about Pizzuti’s Family Days on their website.

Jun 07

June 11, 2015

Team Trip to Rockmill Brewery
Rockmill Brewery
11:00 am - 4:30 pm

You’ve heard of it’s rolling hills and unique, Belgian-style beer. Maybe you’ve seen the large-format bottles at Third & Hollywood. Now, it’s time for your Rockmill Brewery adventure to begin.

The plan is to grabs some food, explore the grounds, taste delicious beer, and learn from Matthew Barbee, head brewmaster and frequent guest in our restaurants. Meet at Easton at 11am where we’ll get lots of carryout food to take with us. Feel free to bring lunch from home, if you’d rather. All team members + very significant others are invited! We will carpool down to Lancaster where the brewery is located, about a 35-minute drive, returning by late afternoon/evening, though different cars can leave whenever they need to.

This is a private reservation, so we’ll have the place to ourselves.

Check out the posters in your restaurants for more details! To get a lay of the land, revisit the recap and photos of our last visit to Rockmill.

Jun 11
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    S/O to everyone who made my last shift at Northstar so special! And to all the new friends that were made with the table sharing that went down in the Short North #lovenotes

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    S/O to @jimmymackey for helping with so many to go orders tonight! #lovenotes

  • S/O to @maryguido who also doesn’t know whether or not that guy was hitting on me. Glad you were there to share that experience with me.

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  • A successful first open after four years with @amindawarburton. If only @musicordeaf could see these khakis.#lovenotes

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  • I have no idea where to start. Thank you to @maddiedavis for her teamwork this evening. She’s definitely #gotit. A big thanks is also due to @amindawarburton and @hmoore for helping me get back into the mix today. #lovenotes

  • S/O to @musicordeaf for his inspiring enthusiasm for the bev close. One of these days I really will pull up a lawn chair to watch a professional do it #lovenotes #gotit #thepod